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About Us

   Not only can you relax and enjoy a cup of tea with a light lunch and /or dessert either by dining in or to go while browsing our gifts, but the tea house offers adult (and children over twelve) pre-booked afternoon teas and high teas (dinner hour) which includes a choice of teas, your choice of the scone selection of the month, as well as a choice of four different tea sandwiches and a variety of sweets. The party also includes a hat and gloves to wear for the woman and top hats, mustaches and bow ties for men.
   A complimentary selfie or group photo is also included to commemorate your experience. Each party can be from one single person up to a total twelve per reservation.
  Our Saturday afternoon children tea parties include children friendly sandwiches, deserts, hats, gloves, a bracelet favors and iced tea or fruit punch served by a tea party character such as the Rabbit, Alice or the Mad Hatter.
  Our menu includes ever changing freshly made scones and sandwiches.
  We offer special requests with notice. Come and enjoy us today. 

Call us directly with any questions or concerns.

Owner's History


The business was always a dream of the owner Sue Peterson , who was born into a military family and as a toddler lived in London England and lived in a boarding house in the heart of London. Tea and Crumpets were a daily way of life, were very relaxing and soothing to everyone and this remained embedded in her memories for all of her life. Additionally, she came from a long line of Boston Born and raised tea drinkers as well and all of the females collected tea cups and pots and she was not any different.Sue collected porcelain tea pots, and cups all her life waiting for the opportunity to retire from her fulltime job and open the tea shop. Finally she retired but tragedy struck, her only son passed away and she was unable to make any changes in her life. But then something amazing happened. Her son, Brian, had at a very early age opened and ran a very successful computer shop in Mount Holly in 2002 , years before he had passed. It was called “The Basement Technician” and was opened at 55 High Street but a couple months later moved across the street to 70 High Street. This Very location became available to rent and Sue was able to open the Tea Shop of her dreams at the very location her son had his store twenty year prior ! 
So Dreams do come true and Sue hopes you will drop by and share it with her! ENJOY!

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